New skills lead to a career transition for student with a passion for education

Location: Bhubaneswar, India
Age: 27
Occupation: Business development

Harsh Raj formally trained as a mechanical engineer at KIIT University in order to become a project manager at a steel manufacturing plant in Angul, India. After five years of hard work, he decided he wanted to find a job he was more passionate about and in a smaller environment where he thought he could have a more significant impact. He had always been interested in the education sector and thought a business development role would suit him well. “Business development was apt as I would be able to talk and convince people about an interest of mine,” he says.

However, Harsh was concerned his job prospects would be restricted by his highly specialized experience in the energy and metal industry. That soon changed. Harsh learned of Udemy while reading an article about MOOCs in December 2014. After some research, he realized Udemy offered the perfect opportunity to learn the skills necessary to pursue his passion and forge a new career path. He didn’t know of any other resource like this in India and appreciated that he could access all the courses on Udemy anywhere, anytime.

Excited by his Udemy discovery, Harsh enrolled in instructor Scott Britton’s courses to learn the fundamentals of sales and business development. Once he mastered the basics, he dove into more advanced topics around lead generation and emailing tactics. He fit the courses in during his commute and downloaded lectures for offline viewing so he could keep learning even while on the plane when traveling for work.

New skills in hand, Harsh landed a great job at a startup in the education technology industry. “I credit the courses I found on Udemy with opening the doors to help get me a new job at a startup in a completely different industry and providing the tools to execute new my job function well,” he explains.

Now in his role as business development officer at Purple Squirrel Eduventures, Harsh says, “I have also started appreciating the fact that business development gives you an opportunity to create new relationships and build them into business for your respective company. The more unique the product, the better the motivation to go tell people about it and sell it.”

With 14 Udemy courses under his belt, Harsh is continuing to learn as much as possible to excel in his new career. Harsh recently enrolled in instructor Len Smith’s courses on copywriting to strengthen his business writing skills. Public speaking courses are next in his queue. He says, “There’s no end to the possibilities that can be pursued through learning on Udemy.”