Felix Stöger

FelixAge: 17
Location: Linz, Austria
Occupation: Student

“Ambition is the ticket to the top.” Words to live by for 17-year-old Felix Stöger as he wraps up his senior year of high school in Linz, Austria, works on passing his Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) exam, and plans to attend university next year. He’s already a talented designer, budding entrepreneur, and just generally interested in “getting better at pretty much everything.”

It’s this passion for self-improvement that brought Felix to Udemy a year and a half ago. While he’s lucky enough to have computer science and programming in his high school curriculum, the classes confused him more than helped him. “After two years I was left scrambled, devastated by the fact that I simply couldn’t understand a single line of code,” he recalls. Felix has always been interested in design and believes that “being able to design is nice, but you need to know how to code to be able to execute a real business.” Therefore, he enrolled in Brad Hussey’s Udemy course Build Websites from Scratch with HTML & CSS. He claims Brad’s course taught him more about coding in one day than he had learned through all of his previous computer science classes.

Felix shares, “Brad always explained the ‘why’ behind a certain line of code, which helped me understand my school classes immensely.” Felix also enjoys the freedom and flexibility Udemy provides him to learn when and where he wants. “No obligations, no requirements, just pure and free knowledge.”

After completing the majority of his first course, Felix was able to outperform his classmates with a stronger understanding of the fundamentals of programming. He’s grateful that Udemy helped propel both his education and his professional growth as he focuses on launching his company, Designwise, before the end of the year. In fact, Felix just purchased the domain name designwise.at and has started to build out the website. “I literally went from zero to hero, all thanks to Udemy!”

We’re confident that Felix is already well on his way “to the top,” but he still has big plans for more Udemy courses in the future. He describes Udemy as “a way to make difficult things easy to understand” and is currently looking into JavaScript, and network security and penetration testing to take his IT skills to the next level.

We’re excited to see all you will accomplish, Felix!