Star Wars Day 2019: May The Learning Be With You

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Throw on your Wookiee costume because tomorrow is that one special day of the year when you can wear your fuzzy onesie proudly—without side glances from neighbors (OK, we can’t promise you that last part). May the 4th, of course, marks Star Wars Day, a commemorative day for fans of the classic movie franchise to celebrate their love of the Force.

You’ve seen all the movies and attended all the conventions, but this year, it’s time to take your fandom to the next level. Why simply dress like a Jedi, when you can actually learn to BECOME A JEDI? Your gold leader is standing by.

Here are five Udemy courses you can take to ensure the Force is strong with you this Star Wars Day:

Build your own Lightsaber

Toss that Lightsaber toy aside, because true fans deserve authenticity. This class will teach you how to build your own replica of the original Lightsaber prop given to Luke Skywalker—in less than an hour!

Create a Lightsaber battle using Adobe After Effects

Ever dreamed of seeing yourself in a Star Wars movie? Now you can recreate your very own Lightsaber battle, with you as the star.

Learn the Star Wars theme song on the harmonica

Dust off that old harmonica and put it to good use! This course will teach you the entire Star Wars theme song—no musical experience necessary (Jedi prowess recommended).

Train your brain to think like a Jedi

To become a Jedi, you must think like one. This course will teach you five Jedi “mind hacks” to integrate new insights with ease, flow, and fun.

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