New programming courses from Frontend Masters

Exciting news to share! This week we launched 19 new courses from our partners at Frontend Masters, the well-known front-end web development training experts. Frontend Masters joins our 14,000+ instructors currently teaching on Udemy. These experts include the founder of AngularJS, creator of JSON, jQuery team members, senior developers and directors at Etsy, Reddit, Paypal and more. Who better to learn from than the experts that are actively shaping the industry?

2015-04-10_0957Frontend Masters’ Udemy courses range from introductions to deep dives geared towards web developers and programmers, front-end and user interface engineers looking to take their skills to the next level and become “masters” themselves. Specific topics include JavaScript, such as Javascript the Good Parts by Douglas Crockford, HTML5/CSS3, AngularJS, responsive web design and website performance.

Learn more about Frontend Masters and view their Udemy courses here. This content is also available to our Udemy for Business customers as part of their subscription to 1000+ of Udemy’s highest-quality courses.