New courses from Rheinwerk Publishing

Today we’re excited to announce that Rheinwerk Publishing, Germany’s market leader for topics around computing, design and photography, launched a new catalog of skill-based courses in German on Udemy! The course topics range from Adobe Photoshop to Responsive Web Design to Search Engine Optimization. Rheinwerk Publishing’s Udemy courses can be found here.

Udemy_Storefront_1260x242_V01This partnership is a great step in our international expansion as we aim to empower anyone around the world to learn anything. Frank Visciano, director of content at Udemy shares, “Udemy is dedicated to connecting people with the skills they need to achieve goals and excel in their career path. Through this exciting partnership with Rheinwerk Publishing, we are able to bring new high quality courses to our growing German user base.”

Thorsten Mücke, program manager at Rheinwerk Video is equally excited about the new content available on Udemy. He says, “Our video trainings are an easy way to effectively and fully learn a topic in an engaging way. With Udemy, we have strong partner on our side that allows us to reach even more people with our courses at a place where they really learn.”

About Rheinwerk Publishing

Rheinwerk Publishing was founded in 1999 in Bonn (Germany) under the name “Galileo Press”. Since 2011, the publisher is market leader for topics around computing, design, and photography in Germany. The comprehensive program includes books, e-books and video-trainings, which are targeted at beginners and experts. Another focus of the publisher are books and e-books for SAP, combined under the brand SAP PRESS. The English-speaking SAP program is published by the subsidiary Rheinwerk Publishing in Boston (USA).