Luis Martinez

Location: Monterrey, Mexico
Age: 35
Job title: Global Process Assessment Advisor

When your boss comes along and tells you to find a resource and go learn something new, it could be unnerving. But when that happened to Luis Martinez, it was no big deal because he’d already been using Udemy for a while and knew exactly what to do next.

Luis has been in his current role as a global process assessment advisor for about six months but has a longer history with his employer, a building materials company. A year after graduating college with a degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering, Luis was invited to join the company’s leadership development program, which entailed rotating among various departments for 12-15 months. When he got to the strategy group, everything clicked. The work played to Luis’ strengths and interests, and he got great reviews from those overseeing his rotation.

After acquiring significant work experience, Luis decided to complement his engineering background with the business and management skills required in today’s workplace. Luis didn’t want just another school experience. He wanted something completely different from his previous education in Mexico and the U.S., and that led him to pursue his MBA in Europe. After completing his degree and working as a consultant for a few years, the building materials company invited him back to its global HQ for full-time employment.

Meanwhile, Luis says he’s always been self-motivated to learn on his own and had been indulging in Udemy courses on his personal interests and passions, such as lean management and operations. He also has a personal fascination with continuous improvement and is furthering his studies in that area; he’d like to introduce elements of this management approach into his current role so he can expand beyond process assessment.

Before finding Udemy, Luis tried free courses on other platforms but found it frustrating. While there were plenty of courses geared to people with intermediate or advanced knowledge, Luis was looking for beginner-level content. On Udemy, he could access the full spectrum and take courses at his own pace, on his own schedule.

So, when the boss told him it would be great if he’d skill up on data analytics, Luis again turned to Udemy. He had experience with data modeling and Excel, but big data was something new. Luis was able to find courses suited to his learning stage and, since he travels frequently for work, Udemy’s mobile app has been particularly helpful, allowing him to stay productive when he’s at the airport or a hotel. He also sometimes spends his lunch break on Udemy or stays late at his office to watch a lecture or two. Luis is at his most productive when at his desk and in the “work mindset” so he opts to use that momentum for quick after-hours learning rather than waiting until he’s home and gets occupied with other things.

Now, with a couple of relevant Udemy courses under his belt (“Introduction to R” and “Tableau 9 For Data Science: Real-Life Data Science Exercises”), Luis is able to analyze data in R and present data visualizations to top management using Tableau. “I’m amazed at the results,” he says. “It’s been inspiring.” When his boss first approached with his learning request, Luis hadn’t done any coding in about 10 years, but once he got started using his newly acquired knowledge and getting great feedback and results, his confidence skyrocketed. “I didn’t think I could do this six months ago, so it’s very satisfying,” Luis explains.

Luis plans to build out his data analytics expertise with more advanced Udemy courses, noting that “this knowledge can take you anywhere.” What’s cool is that his Tableau 9 instructor, Kirill Eremenko, offers many more courses (19 total) with advanced material. Luis likes Kirill’s teaching style and plans to take those tougher courses as he continues to deepen his understanding of this complex and high-value field of work.

Like most Udemy students, Luis faces the time management challenge of balancing his daily responsibilities with all the courses in his queue he’d like to take. While available time may be limited, whenever he’s able to log into Udemy, he considers them “golden hours of learning.”