Hidden gems for May

Hidden GemsCheck out this new batch of quirky courses published in the Udemy marketplace this month. DQ and Caroline from the quality team are back with their picks for these under-the-radar topics you shouldn’t miss.

How to Create an Abstract Painting with your Dog
What we liked: Instructor Tatiana Ambrose takes a unique approach to dog training. Here, she shows students how to bond with their dogs by creating a piece of art together — no kidding. Students pick up great tips on using positive reinforcement to train their pooches, along with a painting that’s sure to become a valuable family heirloom.

Learning The Darbuka – An Introduction For Beginners
What we liked: Middle Eastern percussionist Malik Terblizi joins forces with instructor Somesh De Swardt to introduce students to the sounds and cultural history of the darbuka dounbek, a goblet drum that produces a wide range of pitch sounds. This interactive learning experience will help novices master basic rhythms while intermediates can improve their technique.

BareBones Bartending: Become a Working Bartender!
What we liked: Nicholas Peach and Geoff Nichols walk students through classic cocktail recipes with clarity and confidence. Whether you’re looking to become a professional mixologist or just want to impress your friends, the course aims to skip the filler content of traditional bartender schools and get you right to learning the good stuff.

Build a Gaming PC for Less than $1000
What we liked: Self-professed “complete computer geek” Cody Ray Miller does an amazing job explaining the technical aspects of building your own computer so you’re ready to start gaming in no time. Rather than offering up a one-size-fits-all solution, Miller provides guidance on designing custom systems for different budgets. Students also come away with skills for diagnosing, troubleshooting, and repairing PC hardware.

Bring Sustainable Happiness to Life!
What we liked: This course is like spending quality time with your good friend and instructor Catherine O’Brien, who shot many of her videos while sitting outside surrounded by nature, flowers, and sunshine. Instead of focusing on attaining individual happiness, O’Brien speaks to the countless interconnections we have with family, neighbors, coworkers, and friends and how we can make choices that lead to greater happiness and well-being for ourselves and others.