Announcing partnership with the Drucker Institute

Exciting news! We’ve partnered with the Drucker Institute, a social enterprise based at Claremont Graduate University, to deliver a series of management courses based on Peter Drucker’s timeless wisdom.

The courses are available on a wide variety of mobile and desktop devices, and ideal for management professionals seeking to improve their personal and organizational effectiveness at their own convenience.

The first Drucker Institute course, “Time Management: Know Thy Time,” teaches students the importance of keeping track of their time, how to identify the “four big time-wasters” and how to set priorities. Soon to be added are courses on “Innovation and Entrepreneurship: How to Make Tomorrow” and “People Decisions: Managing Your Most Precious Assets.” Eventually other courses on Drucker’s concepts of Planned Abandonment, Management by Objectives and Control vs. Controls will be included in the offering.

Through this partnership, we are thrilled to continue to help adults around the world get the necessary skills to advance their careers, change jobs or pursue passions. To sign up for one of the Drucker Institute courses please visit their Udemy page. To learn more about the partnership please view the full news release.