Udemy hosts documentary screening, discussion of women in tech

The lack of diversity at tech companies has gotten a lot of media attention in the last couple of years, but real solutions have been few and far between. That’s the backdrop of the documentary “CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap,” which was screened to a packed house of guests at Udemy HQ September 14.

To get the crowd of more than 125 attendees warmed up, we assembled a panel to share their own experiences as women and minorities working in tech. They talked about how the film resonated with them, the obstacles they’ve faced (and overcome) in their careers, and what companies and individuals can do to create a more inclusive environment for engineers from all backgrounds.

Panelists, L to R: Tiffany Williams; Sara Hooker; Brenda Jin; Claire Hough; Ingrid Avendaño; Angie Chang; Anita Anderson

Panelists, L to R: Tiffany Williams; Sara Hooker; Brenda Jin; Claire Hough; Ingrid Avendaño; Angie Chang; Anita Anderson

From the film’s website: “CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap” exposes the lack of female and minority software engineers and explores the reasons for this gap, highlighting breakthrough efforts that are producing more diverse programmers. With humor and optimism, CODE considers the importance of creating a more balanced tech workforce and asks: What would society gain from having more women and minorities code and how do we get there?

Our panelists were:

  • Anita Anderson – Director of Mobile Application Engineering, Nickelodeon
  • Ingrid Avendaño – Site Reliability Engineer, Uber
  • Angie Chang – VP Strategic Partnerships, Hackbright
  • Claire Hough – SVP of Engineering, Udemy
  • Brenda Jin – Senior Platform Engineer, Slack
  • Tiffany Williams – Software Engineer, Aclima
  • Moderated by Sara Hooker – Data Scientist, Udemy

They represented an interesting mix of paths into the tech world, which made for a lively and insightful pre-movie chat. One common theme was the need for women to speak up and advocate for themselves. That leads perfectly into the next event Udemy’s hosting around diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace: “Negotiate Like a Boss.”

Part of the Breaking Glass Forum series, this event will bring together speakers from the C-suite, human resources, and sales/business development to examine why “women are often uncomfortable negotiating for a better job offer, a raise or a promotion, which can leave us feeling undervalued in our careers. For women of color, pay inequities can be even more pronounced and negative in their impact.”

Udemy is proud to co-sponsor the Breaking Glass Forum with Women in Technology International as part of our “Women at Udemy” program, which aims to connect, empower, and celebrate women in the workplace. Our very own VP of People Lisa Haugh will be on the panel sharing her negotiating tips, and the discussion will be followed by an interactive workshop where attendees can practice key negotiation tactics with professional coaches and receive direct feedback on how to improve.

Negotiate Like a Boss is happening at Udemy HQ October 11; space is limited so register early!