Pebbles of Hope launches Thrive Guide course on Udemy

One in 10 births are premature every year, worldwide. Pebbles of Hope, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping premature babies survive and thrive, launched a free Udemy course to help educate parents on best care practices to ensure long healthy lives for preemies.

The first module of the course “Thrive Guide for Parents of Premature Babies,” focuses on critical nutritional care in the first six months including feeding, storing breast milk and Kangaroo Care techniques. All of the information provided in the course has been approved by Pebbles of Hope’s expert advisory panel of neonatologists, perinatologists, neonatal nurses, pediatricians, pediatric nutritionists and occupational therapists.

Pebbles of Hope seeks to support and empower parents of premature babies, especially in underserved areas around the world, no matter their geographic isolation or access to quality healthcare. Over time, Pebbles of Hope plans to expand the Thrive Guide to cover additional topics such as infection prevention and methods for parents to stimulate healthy child development, as well as translate the material for families internationally.

Pebbles of Hope received a $2,500 grant through Udemy’s Social Innovation program to create this course. For more information on the program, please email [email protected].