#WhyITeach: Q&A with Instructor Calum Brannan

Calum BrannanName: Calum Brannan @calumbrannan

Age: 26

Location: London, UK

Courses: Become a Freelance Social Media Manager

Social Media Marketing 2015 — The Complete Certificate Class



How does teaching on Udemy fit into your overall career/work?

Udemy has now become part of my everyday routine. It has funded a software project that I started a year ago and has also helped shape a brand new spin-off business. It’s help me discover a love for teaching and enables me to work on my own terms.

What first motivated you to teach an online course? What motivates you to continue now?

I accidentally stumbled across Udemy nearly 2 years ago now. I ran a digital agency and created an e-learning course for a client to train their staff. I decided I wanted to get extra mileage out of the content, so uploaded it to Udemy. Now, 25,000 students later, I’m so glad I tried it out.

Why did you choose to offer your course through Udemy?

Udemy was everywhere. We were seeing it on GoogleAds, in Facebook feeds, and in emails we were sent. A marketplace needs exposure for it to work, and Udemy definitely had that exposure.

Were there any surprises as you got started with Udemy?

Our first course was death by PowerPoint. It took us literally weeks to create, but luckily enough we had it funded by a client.

What are the top lessons learned you’d want to share with new instructors?

Udemy is not a passive income. It will pay you well if your content hits the right target market, but don’t expect to kick something out then cash in your check. Take the time to create a great promotion video that focuses on the benefits of your course and learning outcomes.

How have your teaching skills/approach changed since you started?

My students have become the teachers! They’ve helped me hone in on audio quality, speed of presentation, pitch, and creating the best videos. Students can be brutally honest, and that is great!

What has been the most rewarding aspect(s) of teaching on Udemy?

Udemy has enabled me to work in my own time and then also allow me to further my ambitions to launch a software business. The best email I received from a student was about how, because of my course, he got a promotion at work!

What are the biggest challenges around teaching on Udemy?

I teach social media, so that requires being on the ball all the time. If your topic area moves fast then you do too!

What are your future plans for teaching/learning ?

Udemy has enabled me to become more confident in my subject area. I’ve spoken at industry events and have my next course being created as we speak ☺