Who’s learning on Udemy?

Hey, blog readers, have you been over to the Stories section to check out the latest student profiles? Well, you should because you’ll meet some really cool people from around the world who are changing their lives by learning. It’s interesting to see what unites them (curiosity,  determination to get ahead in their careers, and a desire enrich their personal time) as well as how they’re different (not everyone’s a natural lifelong learner).

Here are just a few Udemy students who’ve been gracious enough to tell us what motivated them to take courses online, what their learning experience on Udemy has been like, and what they’ve been able to achieve with their newly acquired skills.

Anthony Gracey-Wright (Los Angeles, USA) didn’t think he had a chance at landing his dream job until he took a Udemy course and is now working as a senior UX designer.

Haley Chiba (Bristol, UK) came to Udemy to learn how to create a webinar for her business and ended up creating a course on financial management to broaden her audience exponentially.

Mohamed Omar Dessouki (Cairo, Egypt) went from being ambivalent about learning in school to making a habit of spending time on Udemy every day to help him switch from engineering to a new career in sports management.

Kyle Truong (Ontario, Canada) escaped his insurance job and is now working as a web developer, with an eye toward becoming a MEAN stack developer.

Sean Sullivan (Ontario, Canada) updated and expanded his skill set to get back into the workforce following an accident and got a call from the president of a company who hired him as a claims manager.

What has Udemy helped you achieve? Tell us at [email protected].