Udemy Launches “The Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity”’ Course, Authorized by Unity Technologies

We’re very excited to officially announce Udemy’s partnership with Unity Technologies, the leader in game development technology. It kicks off with both a new course and a new instructor.

Jonathan Weinberger is a self-taught software engineer based in Atlanta who has built a reputation as a Unity expert and a highly effective programming teacher. His first Udemy course, “The Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity,” developed in partnership with Unity Technologies, has already garnered enthusiastic student reviews and a 4.8 rating, putting Jonathan well on his way to having a bestseller!

We had the chance to chat with Jonathan about the new course, his approach to teaching, and his passion for helping students succeed.

How did you get started using and teaching Unity?
I’m a completely self-taught developer. When I first picked up Unity eight years ago, my only real goal was to get a career in game development using the engine, but I had trouble finding video tutorials that didn’t spoon-feed the answers. I was frustrated with the learning curve and my inability to do anything except copy and paste lines of code because the logic behind coding was never explained.

That’s when I decided to make my own tutorials on YouTube. At first, the goal was to provide complete C# and Unity beginners with an opportunity to learn about the engine while also learning how to problem-solve in C#. Eventually, I expanded to more intermediate and advanced coding and Unity concepts, typically covering content I initially had difficulty learning because of how most videos teach. I wanted people who watched my videos to be able to code on their own and create projects, not just “copy along while I do this.” After I gained a few thousand subscribers, a publishing company approached me to write a book on Unity 3.x, and I also began one-on-one Unity tutoring lessons via Skype with students around the world.

Most of my students have been IT professionals who wanted to get into game development, but I’ve also taught artists who wanted to learn to code so they could bring their own projects to life. I’ve also taught software development teams at various companies how to use Unity. It’s exciting to see my former students land jobs at companies like Cartoon Network and Oculus, while others have started their own indie game studios.

Thinking back on when I first started exploring Unity, trying to figure out how to make a career with the engine, to today working in partnership with Unity Technologies to produce Udemy courses on game development is extremely humbling. I never could have imagined such an incredible opportunity, and it’s hard to truly express my excitement and gratitude at being chosen to develop the first Unity-authorized course on game development.

Have you taken any courses on Udemy?
Mosh [Hamedani] is my idol! I took some of his full-stack and Xamarin courses. I want to be the Mosh of game development on Udemy.

Tell us a little bit about the new course and what students can look forward to learning.
The “Ultimate Guide” teaches fundamentals of C# programming and game development through interactive problem-solving. This course includes 30 challenges, where students are able to put what they’ve just learned to the test to check for comprehension. What makes this course different from other game development courses out there is that I don’t tell students exactly what they should do. Instead, they learn the techniques that will help them figure out how to make games independently. My goal is to give students an experience they can’t find anywhere else, and I’m excited that current reviews are saying just that.

Another standout aspect of this course is the quality of the games we develop. The artwork we use was created by highly successful industry artists, so students will produce commercial-quality, AAA games. Anyone can use free assets and make a boring prototype. I want my students to be able to create a stunning game that will blow people away!

What have you been able to achieve with Udemy that you wouldn’t have otherwise?
When I started making YouTube videos, I aspired to become a household name in game development education but didn’t know how to get there. The content was great, but the production quality was terrible. Udemy has made it possible to produce a professional-quality course that does Unity and the course content justice. Thanks to Udemy, this course has the potential to reach over 17 millions students already learning on the platform. I take pride in my students’ accomplishments, and Udemy is enabling me to reach and help a much bigger audience. I can’t wait to see the end products and customizations they make to their games!