Udemy instructors rock!

The excitement is really building around here, as the dates of Udemy LIVE draw ever closer (it’s June 24-26, FYI). On the off chance you haven’t heard about Udemy LIVE yet, it will be our first-ever, in-person instructor event and will feature workshops, special speakers, and activities to motivate and challenge attendees but also help them form deeper connections to each other and to Udemy. We’ve welcomed many individual instructors to our office before, but this is going to be a special opportunity for serious group face time.

To give you a taste of how awesome, hardworking, and accomplished Udemy instructors are, check out recent stories we’ve written about a few of them (not all of whom can make the trek to SF for Udemy LIVE, unfortunately). These are people who love sharing their expertise and helping others reach their goals — whether that’s building a personal brand on social media, mastering spreadsheets, learning a language, or becoming a better artist or performer.

Dragos ProfileDragoş Ștefănescu Dragoş started from square one in his quest to become a successful Udemy instructor–from determining what to make his course about to figuring out the technical side of creating a course. Today, he has 15 courses  and is teaching 14,000 students the ins and outs of office productivity tools, personal branding, and social media.





13040984_1125959600781664_8470079545771742557_oKristen Palana & Jacqui Seidel This dynamic duo shows how teaching on Udemy can be fun and social while also empowering instructors to pursue their passion projects and touch lives around the world. Kristen and Jacqui were each doing well with their respective courses when they hit it off in a Udemy Facebook group and decided to collaborate on courses and e-books.





Billy Wigley Billy lives, sleeps, and breathes Microsoft Excel, and he has transformed the most skeptical students into the biggest fans. How do you make learning spreadsheets entertaining and engaging? Billy has an irresistible personality combined with a well-developed sense of empathy, enabling him to understand why most of us expect Excel training to be an onerous grind–and how it can actually be enjoyable.




sally apokedak pictureSally Apokedak Sally has used Udemy to learn how to grow her business as a literary agent and find supplemental freelance gigs at the same time she’s offering courses teaching others how to make progress with their writing. In addition to the direct rewards of being a Udemy instructor, her presence in the marketplace has brought her new speaking opportunities and has attracted attendees to her appearances.