Udemy Instructor Spotlight: Krista King

Udemy instructor Krista King has been a math geek since she was an 8-year-old. Read more below about how Krista went from tutoring in college to teaching full-time on Udemy.  


Name: Krista King

Location: I’ve moved around a lot, but I currently live outside of Indianapolis, Indiana.  

When did you join Udemy?

I joined Udemy as an instructor way back in early 2013, a.k.a. the green days! It’s been fun to see changes throughout the years and experience so many new features that were unimaginable when I published my first course.

How did you learn your craft?

People assume I’m a college professor with a formal background and have been teaching math for years, but really, I just loved math growing up. As an 8-year-old, math was my favorite subject. When I got to college, I tutored student athletes in calculus and LOVED it. After I graduated from college in ‘08, I worked a variety of regular 9-5 jobs and really missed tutoring. So, I started creating tutorial videos for YouTube, which turned into longer courses on Udemy.

Any tips for people creating a course for the first time?

Just go for it! Jump in and learn as you go. You don’t have a whole lot to lose. You can make a terrible course, learn from it, then make a much better course that you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to without the initial course.

What are the most rewarding aspects of teaching on Udemy?

Math is the big, impossible hurdle for a lot of people in school. It’s so rewarding when students write in saying, “I was never a math person, I thought there was something wrong with me, but now I get it!” It’s the change in students’ perspective that definitely keeps me motivated to make my courses better and better.

Any memorable student interactions?
One student needed to pass one math class to graduate from college. He told me he didn’t think he would get his degree, as he had already taken the class three times. Once he supplemented the class with my Udemy course, he passed and graduated! That was pretty cool.

How has teaching online impacted your life, professionally and personally?

It’s been amazing. My husband and I were able to quit our regular jobs and now both work full-time on my Udemy courses, which allows us to work from home and travel when we want to – a very convenient setup when your family is scattered across the U.S.!

The feedback we receive from students about the impact we’re making on their lives is so emotionally uplifting. We really feel so fortunate to be doing what we love: creating and contributing.