Udemy course for International Women’s Day 2015: #MakeItHappen


In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, 30 of our female instructors from around the world came together in collaboration to produce a free Udemy course in support of the official theme “Make It Happen.”

The course entitled “Make It Happen: Empowering Women for Success” celebrates the commonalities, diversities and strengths of women globally. The lectures tap into the depth and breadth of Udemy instructor expertise to arm women with skills for success in many aspects of life including self confidence, career advancement, entrepreneurship, meditation and relaxation.

The team at Udemy is continually inspired and empowered by the strength of our Udemy community. This course is truly a virtual group effort and underscores the power of virtual collaboration. Special thanks to the amazing women of Udemy Women Rock for their contributions large and small in bringing this course to life. Happy International Women’s Day to all!