Millennial online teaching addict

Phil Ebiner admits that he has an addiction to online teaching. When he first found Udemy in 2012, he would work at his full-time video production job then come home and spend six to eight hours working on Udemy course development. He has now cut back to producing content about five hours each week, and spends a few hours a week interacting with his students and answering questions.

Phil has published 32 courses on everything from Adobe Illustrator and videography to brewing beer, photography for kids, and cat adoption. His philosophy: “I teach everything I know.” For example, he adopted a cat and watched a ton of YouTube videos on how to take care of a cat. Then he created a cat adoption course based on his experiences.

His online teaching addiction has paid off. He’s made $105K to date and brings in between $5K and $10K each month – not bad for a 25 year-old! This income has helped him pay off his student loans and travel as well as enabled him to relocate from Los Angeles to Berkeley and survive during the transition period when he didn’t have a full-time job.

Like many millennials, Phil’s goal is to achieve financial freedom so he can spend his time doing what he loves: creating videos. His Udemy earnings allow him to do just that.