Lessons on punctuation from a copywriting pro

What is the purpose of the semicolon? When is an apostrophe appropriate? Len Smith realized during his career as a copywriter that many people do not know the answers to these and tons of other punctuation questions.

Smith, a 71-year-old from Yorkshire, England, has been running his own business, Copywriting On Demand, for the past 20 years. He wrote a Kindle book on copywriting, but learned that he could make his content more engaging and have more personal relationships with students using Udemy’s video platform.

“When you write a book, you don’t really hear anything from anyone,” said Smith. “Now I get messages from students all the time. It’s fascinating that people from all over the globe are now becoming like new friends.”

Smith is ready to wind down his copywriting work, and credits Udemy with creating a valuable extra income stream. “It’s an excellent way for a semi-retiree to still have a challenge, a steady income and complete freedom in terms of time, and a way of putting something back into the community,” Smith said.

Over the past 2.5 years, Smith has developed eight Udemy courses and enrolled more than 16,000 students. His courses include English punctuation made easy and Copywriting 101: Start making money from home*. Click here to view all of Smith’s Udemy courses.

Fun fact: Smith and his wife of 50 years live in a vicarage that was built in 1820 by the uncle of Emily and Charlotte Brönte, two of the most popular writers in English literature. Charlotte’s earliest recorded letter was written from Smith’s home.

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