Instructor Spotlight: Alexandra Cote

From teaching English classes to elementary school kids to creating an interactive learning experience for over 25,000 students, Alexandra Cote never fails to find unique ways to develop her own skills and educate others. She aims to become an influencer in order to spread her knowledge and motivate the online learning community to continue learning new skills.

Name: Alexandra Cote

Location: Romania

Instructor since: 2017

Why did you decide to teach on Udemy?

I have always loved sharing my experience and knowledge with others. Udemy’s the perfect place for me to reach a larger audience of students who actively look to learn more every day. Udemy offered me the opportunity to connect with people who are just beginning to learn about the topics I’m passionate about.

I originally sought to share my knowledge and expand my network, but I ended up getting so much more out of the experience. I’ve learned how to improve my content and teaching, and I’ve contributed to the professional development of so many students. It’s a huge reward to hear from students that I’ve made a positive impact on their skills.

Did you have any prior on- or offline teaching experience prior to publishing your first Udemy course?

I taught English classes to elementary school kids for a short period of time, which was nothing like teaching online to adults. I definitely learned how to make my classes more fun though!

The biggest challenge of trying to teach for the first time?

My biggest challenge was having students actually finish a course. Getting a student to start your course and watch a couple of lectures is one thing, but ensuring the course is engaging enough to keep a person throughout its entire length until they get their certificate is a much more complex endeavor.

There are so many things that need to be considered, and it’s important that you listen to the needs of each student. That’s where reviews are super helpful. I created my first course mostly for beginners, but as I’m evolving as an instructor, I find it necessary to appeal to novice learners and advanced audiences at the same time. You never know who’s going to be taking your courses, so you should be prepared to handle all of their needs. Actually, that’s what makes teaching online so fun. Having different students from distinct cultures makes you want to log in each day to analyze your newest reviews and polish your existing and future courses until you’re finally able to say you’ve helped every student on their learning journey.

What were your goals for your course and yourself?

My overall goal was to make a difference in my field of work. In my case, I wanted to make sure that anyone who’s new to digital marketing and writing would have the correct information from the very beginning. I’m always sharing the tips I’ve acquired that I wish I’d known from the start too, but there was really no single place for me to get that knowledge from. That’s where the idea behind my first course came from: the desire to provide one place with all the info you’d need to understand digital marketing and use it to start promoting your own business. I really hope more people will learn to choose their sources of information wisely whenever they’re thinking about starting a career or making a change in terms of their job or hobbies.

Any advice for students?

Make sure you finish that course. It’s really all about finding that one main motivation that will keep you going. Do you want to improve yourself at work? Do you want to make a career change? Are you looking to just learn something on a new topic for fun? Whatever your reason, make sure it’s a solid one so you’ll want to wake up each morning and get straight to studying.

What are the most rewarding aspects of teaching on Udemy?

Besides the ability to share my knowledge and make a change, I love waking up each day and seeing that more and more people are interested in the topics I teach. And, let me say, Udemy is ideal for making the switch from a boring classroom to a more appealing and interactive learning experience. I’m actively working toward putting more practice and hands-on examples into my teaching, and my most recent course, “Hands-On Writing: Tips, Tools, and Real Content Examples,” is a good example of that.

Plus, it’s amazing to reach people from all around the world, even in countries where there aren’t that many formal opportunities for learning digital marketing and online content writing yet. I believe this is, indeed, the future of education.

Anything else you want to add?

I just want everyone to remember how important learning is. Having the right education and knowledge can truly make a huge difference and keep you active too. And if you need some more inspiration, just take me as an example. I spent 10 years wanting to become an English teacher, then I made the switch to a digital marketing career where I managed to integrate my love for writing, and I’m already starting to look into the graphic design field. I did it, you can do it too. I wish you all the best of luck! Stay motivated!