Hidden gems for June

Hidden GemsThis month brought us a bumper crop of decidedly different courses, and Caroline and DQ from the review team have handpicked a few notable newcomers. Plenty to choose from if you like to party, play, and decompress.

The Complete MEGA JAM Hip Hop Class
What we liked: In this excellently produced hip-hop dance course, instructor Jasmine Meakin breaks down moves so clearly, you’ll feel like you’re right there in her light-filled studio. Just preview her “Work It” clip for a glimpse of the energetic dancing you’ll be learning to perform.

Start a Hookah Rental Business & Party – Work From Home
What we liked: Four-person team Bring Da Fire started a hookah business a few years ago and wants to show you how to do the same. Students get to know these guys and their personalities, as they go through all the ins and outs of buying equipment, negotiating with nightclubs, and making a hookah rental business into a successful venture.

One-Minute Meditation
What we liked: Instructor James Chiello is clear and to the point in this free introduction to meditation. His warm-but-no-frills approach coupled with his 15 years of experience as practitioner and teacher make him an ideal guide to what is now widely recognized as an incredibly healthy and performance-boosting practice.

Birthday Party Game Plan
What we liked: This course is jam-packed with imaginative ideas and suggestions for throwing a fun birthday party that will engage kids in active gameplay. Jocelyn Greene also provides a lot of practical tips around the logistics of picking a location and setting up. The “Bear Hunt” game idea is our favorite lecture!

Learn Basketball Shooting – Master The Basics & Shoot Better
What we liked: Joel McKenzie and his team go above and beyond to get a variety of camera shots so students can see exactly what he’s demonstrating. Joel’s goal is to help students quickly build confidence in their shooting abilities, and he provides tips and insights that only come with years of experience.

Growing Tomato Heaven: Garden-grown tomatoes made easy!
What we liked: Instructor Rick Stone really, REALLY loves gardening, and he has an easygoing, approachable teaching style that’s welcoming whether you have a green thumb or not. With this course, he wants his students to become known for growing the yummiest tomatoes in the neighborhood so they never have to buy the bland ones found at the grocery store.