Helping thousands build confidence through body language courses

Vanessa Van Edwards describes herself as a “recovered awkward person.” Social situations used to be hard for her – and it showed. Then she started learning about body language, and discovered her passion for helping people like herself build confidence in social and professional situations, using body language and other conversation tools.

“I had no idea how to interact with people in all situations,” Van Edwards said. “I was constantly observing people, but I couldn’t connect. Body language was the first time I felt I could connect to people.”

Van Edwards pursued her passion with formal education, then started writing books, blogging, and doing live trainings. When she wasn’t making a living from these efforts, she decided it was time to expand her platform and reach more people. That’s when she found Udemy. She filmed her first course in her living room, using her iPhone, a lamp, and a stack of cookbooks as a makeshift tripod. Her initial goal was to get 30 paying students. Three days after publishing her course to the Udemy marketplace, Van Edwards woke up to an inbox full of notifications that students were signing up for her course.

In less than a year, Van Edwards published four Udemy classes attended by nearly 9,000 students. Udemy allowed her to go from reaching hundreds of people to thousands, and her reach just keeps growing. She plans to publish between 10 and 20 Udemy courses in the next year, and she’s hired a video studio and crew to produce the videos for her Udemy courses as well as other teaching outlets. The income generated from her Udemy courses has allowed Van Edwards to put a down payment on a Portland duplex (and she is currently shopping for a second Portland home). Udemy has given Van Edwards the freedom to pursue what she loves, and reach a huge audience in a very personal way.

“I wish I could put into words the impact that Udemy has had on my life,” Van Edwards said. “It’s been tremendous. There was my life before Udemy and my life after Udemy. I wake up every day and wonder what course I can create next!”

Van Edwards currently has four classes on Udemy: 7 Scientifically Proven Steps to Increase Your Influence,Body Language for Entrepreneurs, How to Be A Human Lie Detector, and The Secrets of Body Language. She lives in Portland, Oregon. To learn more visit her website