Busy Kinesiologist Flexes Her Muscles as Online Instructor

Annette Reilly Spreads the Healing on Udemy

In a world wracked by stress, Annette Reilly wants to offer relief to as many people as possible. That’s what drew her to kinesiology and acupressure and, eventually, to teaching on Udemy.

Annette had always been interested in health and wellness, from as far back as secondary school, when she became certified as a lifeguard and gave swimming and first aid classes. Over the years, she developed a keen interest in the mind-body connection and how physical symptoms can actually be manifestations of emotional and mental stressors. She eventually earned a diploma in reflexology while pregnant with her first child, who’s now 14.

Today, Annette has a thriving kinesiology practice, has received various certifications and honors, and has held leadership positions with the Irish College of Neuroenergetic Kinesiology and the Kinesiology Association of Ireland.

In recent years, she noticed an uptick in stressed-out patients who were unhappy in their jobs while also juggling childcare responsibilities, trying to pay the mortgage, and feeling stuck in difficult economic circumstances. She felt inspired to use her vast knowledge to teach people how to help themselves and improve their challenging situations.

Annette developed a series of in-person acupressure and kinesiology classes designed so that even lay people could use the information to improve their own health or become practitioners themselves. She is justifiably proud to have gotten her courses accredited internationally so that students can start their own businesses and secure practitioner insurance at discount.

Still, the courses had their limitations. Students would sometimes pull out at the last minute because something came up or they wouldn’t enroll because the time or venue was inconvenient for them. Annette saw advantages to letting people consume the material from home, on their own schedules, sparing them the cost of travel, babysitters, and so on.

Enter Udemy. Annette checked out the site and decided “it would be a good move and next step in my line of work.” For her first course, Acupressure for Physical, Mental & Emotional Health,” she worked hard to ensure the content was as comprehensive and straightforward as possible. She wanted to give students plenty of material essential to building a solid foundation, but she also wanted to minimize the number of confused emails she might receive.

Since launching that course in June 2016, Annette has gone on to publish eight more courses and has ideas for about 30 more in the pipeline! She pulls new course ideas from her in-person workshops and the conditions most common among her clients, such as fibromyalgia, neck and shoulder pain, and digestive disorders.

“It’s really exciting when a student does well and is able to apply what they’ve learned,” Annette says. One student, for example, shared the story of working on a wheelchair-bound friend, using pressure points he’d learned from Annette. The student’s friend is paralysed from the waist down and had lost feeling in his toes, but after working only a few minutes on those points as Annette had demonstrated, the patient began to feel a tingling sensation.

Annette’s goals for teaching on Udemy were to reach more people and empower them with knowledge for healing. Being a Udemy instructor has also brought her personal benefits, as she’s able to stay home and spend more time with her children, including a new baby.

“Udemy has been fantastic and helped me achieve the extra freedom to work outside the home less and still get paid,” Annette says. She currently splits her time evenly between seeing clients and writing new courses.

In fact, Annette now recommends Udemy to unhappy clients who feel stuck in dead-end jobs.  She helps them find their personal passion and makes herself available as a resource to help create their own courses, sharing the lessons she’s learned as an experienced online teacher.

So, Annette’s not just spreading physical healing. She’s spreading financial empowerment through Udemy too.