Udemy Launches 2017 Skills Gap Report On New Research-Focused Website

We’re announcing two exciting new initiatives today: we just launched a new website to showcase all of Udemy’s research reports, infographics, and related media coverage, and that’s also where you can find our brand-new 2017 Skills Gap Report.

Udemy Research is home to our reports on hot topics like workplace stress and employee engagement, as well as earlier research we conducted around the skills gap. We took our survey beyond the U.S. this time to see how attitudes compare and contrast across a few other key Udemy markets: Brazil, France, Germany, Mexico, and Spain. We found a fascinating mix of self-confidence, confusion, and uncertainty that sometimes mapped to gender or generation… and sometimes didn’t.

You’ll definitely want to dig into the report for all the details, but here are a few key takeaways from the U.S. report to whet your appetite.