September 9, 2016: Friday news roundup

The roundup took last week off for Labor Day weekend, but we’re back and ready to break down some thoughtful articles for you.

Lost in translation: Can SIlicon Valley export its best practices?
There’s lots of talk about tech jobs moving out of the Bay Area due to the region’s insane cost of living, so it’s worth asking whether the Silicon Valley style of working will follow those jobs too. Some researchers tried to see if it would work equally well in other parts of the U.S. as well as in India and China. The results were mixed.

What programming’s past reveals about today’s gender pay gap
Thanks to renewed interest and awareness around pioneers like Ada Lovelace and Grace Hopper, people are learning that programming started out as a female-dominated field. So, how’d we end up with all these brogrammers? Read this fascinating account of how salaries shift when industries once viewed as “women’s work” get taken over by men (coding) and vice-versa (teaching).

Being a successful entrepreneur isn’t only about having the best ideas
Sounds obvious, huh? Don’t believe any career guru who promises your brilliant idea is a sure-fire path to success, and don’t dive into entrepreneurship without taking a hard, honest look at what it will really take to make it. This business professor shares some wisdom he’s picked up from talking to entrepreneurs about getting from idea to execution.

Ditching the office to work in paradise as a “digital nomad” has a hidden dark side
We’ve kept an eye on the digital nomad trend, as there are certainly both Udemy students and instructors who use our marketplace to stay connected to learning while traveling around the world. Here, we read why one of the movement’s leaders has reconsidered his own wandering ways. People will continue to benefit from internet connectivity to have more flexibility in their lives and work, but perhaps being a nomad can only last so long.  

Finished, not perfect
We’ll end the roundup on a different note. Jake Parker is an illustrator and author who has a simple bit of advice for people in creative jobs, but it really applies to anyone: The world needs people who finish things. As you head into the weekend, turn down your inner perfectionist and see what you can accomplish.