September 8, 2017: Friday News Roundup

As we welcome the weekend, our thoughts are with victims and survivors of hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters around the world. Meanwhile, the news about learning and working goes on.

A Stanford Psychologist Has A Simple Mental Exercise For Tackling Student Stress
Stress isn’t just for students! You didn’t need us to tell you that. A change in attitude, however, could help you conquer your anxieties. Instead of exacerbating stress by feeling awful about it, you might try reframing that heart-pounding sensation as excitement for what’s about to come.

How Exercise Could Help You Learn a New Language
Tackling a foreign language is a goal of many Udemy learners. Have you ever considered downloading a course to listen to during your workout? According to new research, “working out during a language class amplifies people’s ability to memorize, retain and understand new vocabulary.” No pain, no gain!

Neuroscientists Have Figured Out Why You Can’t Concentrate At Work
If you sit in an open office, you know what this is all about: a phone starts pinging on a nearby desk, your coworkers get into a lively discussion of last night’s “Game of Thrones,” and the next thing you know, you have no idea what you were in the middle of doing. Research has found that 99% of people say they’re distracted by noise at work! Office designers need to take this seriously.

Do Androids Dream of Being Featured in Portrait Competitions?
In today’s installment of “what’ll they do with robots next,” we read about an entry shortlisted to win a photography competition. It stirred up debate because the portrait is of an incredibly lifelike android, and the rules state the photo “must have been taken by the entrant from life and with a living sitter.” Click through to see the portrait of “Erica.”

“Women Can Build” Photo Series Honors Modern Day Rosies
Enough with the robots! Let’s close the roundup by celebrating some flesh-and-blood women out there working hard on trains and buses and for public transit agencies. They’re part of a photography exhibit in LA of women “building America’s 21st century transportation,” an industry that’s only 13% female.