September 7, 2018: Friday News Roundup

What’s on tap for the weekend? Read the roundup, then go do something nice for yourself.

To Cope with Stress, Try Learning Something New
We know from our own research that the modern worker is stressed out. Now, a bunch of academics have come up with what we think is the perfect remedy: focusing on learning as a coping mechanism. They found that “engaging in learning activities can buffer workers from detrimental effects of stress including negative emotions, unethical behavior, and burnout.”

Work-life Balance Is an Unhealthy Myth
Here’s a slightly contrarian take: People who think they’ve mastered work-life balance might actually be underperforming. The idea that anyone can “have it all” generates “unnecessary pressure to attain an impossible, and perhaps not totally laudable, goal.” Instead, realize that work and life aren’t separate, and try to find harmony between the two.

The Race to Build a Better Bee
Hey, at least today’s robot news won’t make you fear for your job! Nope, in this case, scientists are trying to create automated pollinators that can make up for the widespread decline in bee populations. Check out some interesting prototypes of drones customized to do the work of honeybees.

Overlooked No More: Melitta Bentz, Who Invented the Coffee Filter
We love coffee, and we love stories about women doing amazing, innovative things and getting recognized for it. For coffee-filter inventor Melitta Bentz, who died in 1950, it’s taken a while to get the recognition, but this NY Times obituary paints the portrait of a determined product designer whose at-home ingenuity spares all of us from drinking coffee grounds.