September 25, 2015: Friday news roundup

Wow, what a week for news! We were inspired by the Pope’s stirring words to Congress urging Americans to work toward justice, economic equality, and lending aid to society’s most vulnerable. That’s a message anyone can get behind.  

Ernst & Young removes degree classification from entry criteria as there’s ‘no evidence’ university equals success
This headline certainly caught our attention. When a company as old-school as accounting giant E&Y dismisses the value of a university diploma, there’s a good chance others might start thinking of following suit. It’s great to see such a big employer looking for ways “to open opportunities for talented individuals regardless of their background.”

Top 10 courses for Brits looking for a better job
Udemy released our “What Britain’s Learning” report this week, and the Telegraph picked up our list of the top 10 courses UK job-seekers are taking in our marketplace. Like the U.S., the UK is feeling the effects of its own workforce skills gap, so it’s no surprise individuals are adopting online learning as a way to beef up their resumes and improve their job prospects.

Who’s responsible for erasing America’s shortage of skilled workers?
That’s not an easy question to answer. Or, rather, it’s not an easy topic on which to find consensus. The article urges businesses, policymakers, and educators to collaborate on finding solutions and thinking beyond the status quo.

The jocks of computer code do it for the job offers
A long but fascinating peek into the world of competitive coding, focusing on the Facebook Hacker Cup. Who knew? Let’s just say, it’s decidedly NOT a spectator sport.

Udemy CEO on international growth
Our own Dennis Yang took to the stage of Disrupt TV this week as part of TechCrunch’s annual gathering. Watch his interview and hear Dennis’s vision for Udemy’s growth around the world!