September 22, 2017: Friday News Roundup

We close this week again by sending our thoughts and support to those affected by natural disasters, from Mexico to Puerto Rico and beyond. For the rest, check out today’s roundup. 

Alibaba Founder Jack Ma Says To Be A Successful Leader You Need Eq, Iq, And Lq
Jack Ma is, without question, one of the most colorful and beloved business leaders in the world. Known for his theatrics at company parties (e.g., dancing like Michael Jackson at the most recent one), Ma is also a former teacher who often speaks on the importance of education. In this article, he explains why you need “the quotient of love” (LQ), something machines will never possess, to be a good leader.

Is VR the Future of Employee Training?
A few large employers are already taking virtual reality hardware for a test drive to train their workers. UPS, for example, is starting to train student delivery drivers to spot and identify road hazards using VR headsets, and retail giant Walmart is also exploring using the technology with its employees. The construction industry is another place where VR is gaining ground as an effective training tool.

How Reading Rewires Your Brain for More Intelligence and Empathy
Lifelong learners tend to be avid readers too. Here we find out that, not only does reading quench one’s thirst for knowledge, it also makes us “healthier, smarter, and more empathic animals.” But you can’t just scan headlines or read tweets (“the literary equivalent of sugar addiction”). Why not pick up some juicy literary fiction this weekend?

Starting a Business Can Increase Older Workers’ Quality of Life (Even When It Doesn’t Pay Well)
We tend to associate entrepreneurship with young go-getters, but late-career workers can really reap the rewards of becoming their own boss too. While older entrepreneurs are less likely to see financial gain, the intangibles can deliver “increased opportunities for self-realization.”

An 8-Year-Old Just Published Her First Paper In An Academic Journal About Her Love Of Bugs
Don’t count out older workers and definitely don’t count out young kids! Sophia’s classmates teased her for her obsession with insects, but the story took a twist when her mom contacted the Entomological Society of Canada. Our favorite part of this truly heart-warming tale: Sophia’s description of her “best bug friend” named Hoppers.