September 16, 2016: Friday news roundup

You’ve made it to the end of another work week. Take a moment to wind down with a look back at some articles that got us thinking over the last several days.

Ask an economist: How can today’s college students future-proof their careers?
Depending on what you read, robots are either coming to eliminate our jobs, change our jobs, improve our jobs, or some combination of the above. Here, a bunch of brainy economists weigh in with their own advice for “which skills they’d focus on if they were about to start their first year of college this fall.” Some outlooks are more encouraging than others.

You don’t need to be in tech to find high-paying part-time jobs
Okay, this one IS encouraging. A jobs website searched for part-time openings offering at least $50/hour, and you’ll be surprised (skeptical?) of what they found. It’s actually a pretty diverse list of industries and roles, which suggests more employers are coming around to the idea of flexible work schedules.

Hesitant to make that big life change? Permission granted
Lots of Udemy students are taking courses in order to switch up their careers. Still, it can be scary to leap into unfamiliar waters and might even feel foolish or irresponsible, depending on your circumstances and the magnitude of change you have in mind. Drawing upon the research of Freakonomics author Steven D. Levitt, this columnist shares how he found the courage to take that leap—and why he thinks you should too.

Fewer of the world’s entrepreneurs say they need Silicon Valley anymore. That’s a problem.
It’s only taken a few years for China and India to start producing home-grown startup “unicorns” of their own, leading many to wonder if Silicon Valley still deserves the title of “innovation capital of the world.” Now, aspiring entrepreneurs in other parts of the world have incubators in their own backyards, and companies like WeChat, Tencent, and Alibaba are recognized as just as valuable and trailblazing as anything coming out of Silicon Valley.  

8 simple decisions that took my business to the next level as a mompreneur
Udemy instructor Kenz Soliman shares her story of overcoming doubts and fear to achieve success teaching in our marketplace. Kenz has published 25 courses and enrolled nearly 10,000 students and wants other moms to follow her example and pursue their own dream jobs. She’s got a great attitude, signing off as “just a boss girl who took a leap of faith.” Keep up the awesome work, Kenz!