September 11, 2015: Friday news roundup

Welcome to this week’s roundup. Please take a moment (or more) today to remember those who gave their lives on that tragic day 14 years ago.  

“The surge in the number of job openings in recent months is now taking on epic proportions”
More evidence of the growing skills gap — the latest jobs report showed the highest number of open positions since December 2000, when the Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) was first conducted. As one analyst remarked, this signals that “the labor market is unable to supply the people companies need.”

For students with a mission, a little capital goes a long way
Here’s a look at a program that helps student entrepreneurs get their business ideas off the ground. Not a unique concept but the twist here is that the Resolution Project specifically seeks out socially responsible businesses and charities, deliberately offers less money than similar initiatives so they can help more young entrepreneurs, and puts a heavy emphasis on mentorship.

How to take advantage of the gig-based economy
If you’re looking to join the ranks of the freelance economy, it would behoove you to develop a diverse skill set, according to this article. Gaining transferable skills can position you to win different types of projects — and more of them. It also helps to build a strong professional network and promote your personal brand.

Hiring for experience vs. hiring for skills
Which is better — the job candidate with the most versatility or the one who’s laser-focused on building a specific skill set? The answer — it depends. Richard Branson and Robert Herjavec (of TV’s “Shark Tank”) share their philosophies.

College calculus: What’s the real value of higher education?
It’s a question on a lot of minds these days, especially as the presidential election gains momentum and candidates promote their ideas for education reform. Costs keep rising yet enrollment numbers are rising too. The author explains why recent changes in the workplace have upended our long-held belief that higher ed leads to better jobs with higher salaries, aka the “college wage premium.”

8 things I learned in my first design internship
Wrapping things up on a fun note: Udemy UX designer Frances Tung collaborated with Alice Yan, one of our summer interns, on this article sharing what they learned from each other over the last couple of months. Read on for their tips on what makes for a successful internship for everyone involved. Good luck, Alice!