October 20, 2017: Friday News Roundup

Your faithful roundup editor has been on vacation, but we’re back now and feeling refreshed and ready to present you with new stuff to read. Improve your memory, steal some productivity tips from Elon Musk, and applaud some entrepreneurs who have a social conscience.

Simple Ways to Be Better at Remembering
Our ability to retain information seems to be diminished by having a smartphone and internet browser always at our fingertips. If you feel like your neural networks could use some strengthening, check out the advice here.

Why 4-H Is Focusing On Tech Along With Tractors
Most of us know 4-H as an organization for young people, mostly in rural and agricultural communities. But 4-H, like everyone else, has jumped on the STEM bandwagon to incorporate tech and science skills into their programs. And, as 4-H’s CEO explains here, “From the plow, to the tractor, to the combine harvester, to biotech and now digital and precision farming – technology has always transformed the way farmers do business.”

Why Is There No Nobel Prize In Technology?
As the Nobel Prizes were announced over the last few weeks, did it strike you that there’s no category for innovators and inventors in the tech field? Alfred Nobel established his categories more than a century ago (economics was added in 1968), and this article makes an interesting case for why tech brilliance deserves the honor too.

Work Like Elon
Elon Musk accomplishes more in half a day than most of us get done all month (maybe more…). Considering his various companies and projects, it seems possible Elon has engineered a few extra hours in his day. We can’t confirm that theory, so instead, read this list of tactics Elon uses to maximize his time. He puts his ideal work week at 85 hours, and, yes, he does sleep!  

Good Business: The Entrepreneurs Making the World a Better Place
Here’s some feel-good inspiration to take you into the weekend. The three successful entrepreneurs profiled here have prioritized the social benefits their companies can deliver, and they talk about how and why they run businesses whose main focus is to help others.