October 27, 2017: Friday News Roundup

Happy Friday! Perhaps your weekend includes an early Halloween party? Or maybe you’ll use the time to keep working through Udemy courses or pursue a side hustle. Whatever you’re up to, reading today’s roundup is the best way to kick things off.

Five Tech Myths People Still Believe
If you are reading this, you probably function daily with the assistance of technology. Most of us don’t really understand the inner workings of our devices, so it’s easy to fall for these logical-sounding falsehoods about tech we hold so near and dear. Time to separate myth from reality!

Simple Ways to Spot Unknown Unknowns
There are things you know you don’t know… and then there are the things you don’t even realize you don’t know but should. And the latter can end up derailing the best-laid plans. First, acknowledge that all of us, even you, have blind spots. Then employ these strategies for seeing around them.

If You Want To Make Smarter Life Decisions, Avoid These Five Mental Biases
Stop believing myths, know your blind spots, and avoid mental biases—read these three articles and you’ll be well on your way to total self-improvement! Seriously though, making big, life-altering decisions is scary stuff, so you want to be sure you’re approaching them with clarity and fairness.

Microsoft Built Tree Houses For Its Employees
Give it up to Microsoft for taking the “open office” concept to an awesome new level. Would you be more productive working 12 feet above the ground in a tree? If you’re an employee at the company’s Redwood, Wash., headquarters, you might have that option. Check out the photos and then cry as you look around at your cubicle walls.

Creator Of The Matrix Code Reveals Its Mysterious Origins
You know the cascading green computer code at the start of all the Matrix movies? It’s the back-end of our automated reality, right? Not exactly. We won’t give away the spoiler…