October 19, 2018: Friday News Roundup

Hope everyone out there had a great week. In today’s roundup, we pay tribute to a software pioneer, a prize-winner of humble means, an icon of children’s education, and a different kind of teacher.

This Robot Co-Taught A Course At West Point
Bina48 may look familiar if you’re a longtime roundup reader. We included her story last year when she successfully completed a college course. Well, she learns fast; now, she’s the one doing the teaching. Specifically, Bina48 co-taught two sessions of an introduction to ethics philosophy course at the U.S Military Academy at West Point.

A Prestigious University Just Awarded A Literary Prize To One Of Its Janitors
If you think your job isn’t putting you on the right path, consider Caitriona Lally, a cleaner at Trinity College Dublin who just won the school’s most prestigious literary award. Since graduating from Trinity herself, Lally’s career has had ups and downs. Rather than get discouraged, she used it as fodder for her novel.

Original Big Bird, Caroll Spinney, Leaves ‘Sesame Street’ After Nearly 50 Years
If you grew up in the U.S., odds are you watched and learned from “Sesame Street.” You may not have known who was inside Big Bird’s costume and voicing Oscar the Grouch, but Caroll Spinney was the heart of these beloved characters for five decades. Now, he’s retiring.

Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen Dead At 65
Whether you use a PC or a Mac, you owe a debt to Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, who, along with Bill Gates, started the company as a young man and saw it grow into one of the most successful, influential brands in history. Read about Allen’s many accomplishments in the computing industry and as a philanthropist.

Feel Like You Haven’t Hit Your Peak Yet? It’s Never Too Late
Never give up! A new study found that 90 percent of people experience a “hot streak” in their career, and “your hot streak can appear at any point in your working life, meaning that it’s never too late (or too early) to hit your peak.”