November 30, 2018: Friday News Roundup

After a week off for the U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving, we’re back and ready to catch up on what’s been happening in the world of work and human achievement.

Your Next Job Interview May Be With a Robot
Apparently, some companies are so challenged to hire fast and hire at scale, they’re relying on automation and artificial intelligence to crank through candidate interviews. Job-seekers report mixed feelings on the experience, and no word on how these new hires actually pan out. Elsewhere, some are making hiring decisions without going through the in-person part of the interview process either.

People Want To Live Longer, But Maybe Not To 100
We know careers are getting longer, as workers delay retirement out of necessity or desire, but how long will people have to work if humans manage to live a hundred years? According to this survey, most of us aren’t actually interested in reaching our centenary, especially if it means poor quality of life.

How to Talk to People, According to Terry Gross
The holiday party season is upon us, and with it come lots of gatherings where we find ourselves struggling to make conversation. Get some advice from a popular, longtime radio host, whose wisdom could also help you get better at chatting up folks at interviews and on the job.

Is Authenticity Overrated?
Have you been told to “be yourself” at work? Well, you might actually want to tone that down. Research shows that “people who are more likely to enjoy higher levels of psychological well-being, interpersonal effectiveness, and career success” tend to be effective at managing how others perceive them and “adjust their behavior to create a favorable reputation.”

Mars Touchdown: NASA Spacecraft Survives Supersonic Plunge
Hats off to the brilliant scientists at NASA, who successfully landed the InSight spacecraft on Mars earlier this week. The team was held in “white-knuckle suspense” before the “flawless” touchdown. In addition to sending back images from the Red Planet, the craft will measure Mars’ internal heat and earthquake activity and attempt to reveal the makeup of its core.