November 3, 2017: Friday News Roundup

Today’s roundup is chock full of goodies to make you smarter about early-career choices and help you manage your time and build your professional network, but we’ve also got some interesting material on how the brain handles online learning, plus a bit of inspiration from a young inventor.

Author Behind Viral Ted Talk On How To Avoid The Biggest Career Mistake Young People Make
If you don’t know Simon Sinek, you should. He gets around a lot, and in this article he talks about why many young professionals bail out on jobs too quickly, thinking that’s how they’ll advance in their careers, and why it’s actually a bad idea.

How to Make the Right Connections When You Don’t Already Have an “In”
Having a robust network of professional contacts is invaluable at every stage of your career and can help with everything from finding a job to solving a tough work problem. When you’re just starting out in a field, it can be awkward to approach people, but this article has some excellent tips.

Cognitive Learning and Its Relationship With Online Education
This one’s for the learning science geeks. Dive into this exploration of how cognitive learning, or learning through experience, plays out when students aren’t in a physical space together. This author concludes that “e-learning opens up a lot of opportunities to use artificial intelligence and other instructional technologies for improving conventional teaching methods.”

If Scheduling Causes You Conflict, Maybe You’re On “Event Time”
Perhaps you can use this as an excuse next time you’re late to a meeting. Apparently, the world is divided into those on “clock time” and those on “event time,” and we go about our business in very different ways. This is fascinating stuff and might make you rethink being a slave to the clock.

Lead In Water: 11-Year-Old Girl Creates Portable Detection Device, Wins Award
Give it up for Gitanjali Rao of Colorado, who won the 2017 Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge with her easy-to-use solution for testing water safety. Gitanjali has a “passion for using science to improve lives” and hopes the device will be available for use by the general public soon.