November 17, 2017: Friday News Roundup

What a week at Udemy! We launched a new research website with our 2017 Skills Gap Report, and our massive Black Friday sale kicked off. It’s like the holidays came a little early this year. So, read the roundup, then head over to and stock up on $10 courses.

Why a Gen-X CEO Hired a Millennial to Help Him Keep a Learning Mindset
Different generations may not always be on the same page at work, but here’s a great personal story from a middle-aged CEO who recognized he could learn a lot from a younger coworker. So, he hired a 24-year-old to be his “Director of Execution and Evolution… to help me grow my business and my mind.”

Of The Qualities Valued By Hiring Managers, Intelligence Ranks Near The Bottom
This headline surprised us, given the well-trod advice about hiring people who are smarter than you. This survey asked recruiters and hiring managers to pick the most important traits they look for in candidates, and (spoiler alert) professionalism took the top spot. Four other qualities ranked above intelligence too.

The 25 Best Inventions of 2017
As selected by the editors of TIME Magazine, this year’s top inventions include guilt-free ice cream, elevators that move beyond up and down, a DIY cooking companion, an air filter that zaps away pollutants, and 21 other innovations designed to make life better one way or another.

Life In The Year 2000
If you were impressed by those top 25 inventions, you might want to see what people in the year 1900 thought humans of the future would be devising to enable “lives of boundless leisure and comfort enabled by a century of technological advancement.” Some of these imaginings have become reality (live audiovisual broadcast of a theater performance? Check.), while others are still just fanciful ideas. Come on, inventors: it’s time to get cracking on those weather-controlling machines.

The Secret To Finding Time For Hobbies—No Matter How Busy You Are
Read how this writer discovered “the transformative power of having a default activity—a go-to diversion that you can turn to whenever you found yourself with a block of unscheduled time.” As she explains, most of us have more free time than we think; we just don’t make very good use of those precious hours.