May 5, 2017: Friday news roundup

Congrats on reaching the end of another work week! Lots of good content here for job seekers, advice for managing your emotions at work, plus a look at the humans training their eventual robot replacements. And something about the star-nosed mole.

6 Things New Grads Should Know Before Joining a Startup
We’re reaching peak graduation season, and many lucky diploma-holders will soon be in a position to weigh job offers. It can be hard to evaluate an offer from a startup without much of a track record or public footprint yet, but this author has a few caveats to keep in mind. You can also avail yourself of this scorecard to compare jobs.

The 7 Questions Recruiters At Companies Like Amazon And Spotify Wish You Would Ask
If you’re not yet weighing an offer but are still in the interview process, this article contains great advice for looking good in front of hiring managers. Posing smart questions shows you’re engaged and have done your homework. Fast Company also warns against some common gaffes that can work against you.

5 Simple Tips That Will Help You to Manage Your Emotions on the Job
Every job has its ups and downs, and you’re likely to experience the full spectrum of emotions—from joy to stress and from fear to confidence. And then there are the emotions stirred up in your personal life that you can’t just shake off when you get to the office. When you’re in a heightened emotional state, it affects those around you, for better or worse, so learning to maintain your composure is a valuable skill to develop.

Meet the People Who Train the Robots (to Do Their Own Jobs)
A travel agent, an interaction designer, and a customer service rep are among those profiled here, talking about how they’re engaging with A.I. to help it become more human. They describe how the machines are learning enough to do part of their on-the-job teachers’ work and, eventually, will make their human counterparts obsolete, if everything goes according to plan.

This Neuroscientist Loves The ‘Extremes’ In The Animal Kingdom
Knowing the Udemy audience is a widely curious bunch, we often conclude the roundup with random interesting items to add to your store of knowledge. It gives us an excuse to share articles like this one about a professor of biology at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee who studies some of nature’s stranger organisms for his research into animal sensory systems and brain evolution.