May 27, 2016: Friday News Roundup

Welcome to Friday and happy Memorial Day weekend in the U.S., where the debate over how, when, and why people should learn coding is really heating up. Read on for a great profile of Udemy for Business—and don’t miss our special request at the end!

American schools are teaching our kids how to code all wrong
We’ve shared some stories in previous roundups about whether we’re missing the point in our push to train more programmers. This article accuses American schools of teaching a “light and fluffy version of computer science” that fails to impart a deep understanding of the discipline.

Change your career without having to start all over again
We know a lot of students come to Udemy because they’re looking to make a career switch. The writer here offers a few strategies for leveraging past experience and transferring it to your new role. Among her suggestions: Find opportunities where inexperience is a virtue, such as joining a troubled company where you’re seen as a fresh outsider.

The number of new businesses in the US is falling off a cliff
Market-watchers are starting to get less bullish on tech companies, but there’s another indicator that our economy isn’t as robust as it had been. According to the Economic Innovation Group, “Fewer new businesses were created in the last five years in the U.S. than any period since at least 1980.” Moreover, startup creation is happening in a very limited number of major metro areas and the new businesses aren’t the type that used to anchor the middle-class, like restaurants or construction firms.

Big companies turn to San Francisco-based Udemy for training
This profile story explores why companies are increasingly recognizing the need to update their learning and development programs and how Udemy for Business is meeting that demand. As VP of Udemy for Business Darren Shimkus explains, millennial workers value training highly but they don’t want the same old boring, dry training content most companies are known for. A senior training specialist AdRoll, a Udemy for Business customer, is quoted saying, “One of our biggest initiatives is creating learning paths for every function across the company, and Udemy is a critical part of that.”

Langbos Care Centre fundraiser
Lastly, please consider supporting Udemy partner Just Creative’s fundraiser in support of the children at the Langbos Creche & Care Centre in South Africa. Making a donation will enter you in a drawing to win a $50 Udemy course voucher, among other great prizes. Just Creative is one of the most popular design blogs out there, and founder Jacob Cass has been a great friend of Udemy.