May 26, 2017: Friday News Roundup

How was your week? Did you learn anything new? We’re looking forward to celebrating a long Memorial Day weekend here, but that can’t happen till we share the week’s batch of reading material. Here we go.

Before You Agree to Take on New Work, Ask 3 Questions
Sometimes, getting that dream job or plum assignment ends up feeling like punishment, if you haven’t really thought it through. Our first impulse is always to say yes, but “we can end up disappointing ourselves and the people who matter most,” says this article writer, if we don’t ask ourselves critical questions first.

Freelancers: Here’s the Secret to Getting Long-Term Clients
If you work on your own, you know how hard it can be to build a stable client base that delivers predictable income. Juggling small projects while hustling for the next gig is stressful. Check out this advice from a few freelancers who’ve managed to hold onto clients for years.

You Still Need Your Brain
Thanks for this reminder! With all the focus on where artificial intelligence and robots outperform humans, it’s good to remember that our brains are pretty spectacular machines too. In particular, this op-ed says, the human brain knows how to put information into context. Not even a Google search can do that as well.

Total Failure: How George Foreman’s Losses Showed Him The Light
From the growth mindset files, we bring you this story of the legendary heavyweight who reached the top of his sport, crashed, and rose again. Here, Foreman talks about his over-confidence before his famous loss to Muhammad Ali in 1974 and how a subsequent loss led him to discover a new purpose. “He now sees those early successes as the real failure, because he didn’t appreciate them,” the article explains.

This Is What 20 Years of Mentorship Looks Like
Finding a great mentor can make such a difference in your life and career, but it takes work and commitment on both sides to maintain that relationship over time. And that can be hard as people move to different cities, get wrapped up in family responsibilities, and so on. With that in mind, check out this inspiring story of a mentorship that’s helped two women learn, grow, and achieve.