May 25, 2018: Friday News Roundup

No royal weddings this weekend, but it is a holiday in the U.S., which means an extra day for learning! If you need extra encouragement, our roundup includes a collection of advice from graduation speeches and a column making the case for having a hobby.

The Best Career Advice From This Year’s Graduation Speeches
What did Oprah have to say to the class of 2018? Read on for her words of wisdom, along with those of a professional soccer player, the CEO of a successful consumer food brand, the director of an influential think tank, and a Pulitzer Prize-winning author.

This Common First Job Mistake Can Cost You $10,000 a Year For Life
Yikes! It’s not uncommon for new grads to want to decompress for a while after the intensity of college, maybe working as a barista before getting serious about their careers, but new research cautions against this strategy: 43% of first-time job seekers end up “underemployed,” and two-thirds remain in there five years later.

Research: Watching an Expert Do Something Makes You Think You Can Do It Too
Okay, this explains why we’re not playing tennis as well as Roger Federer, despite watching him all these years. Alas, researchers have found that “learning by observation may, at times, be illusory.” This doesn’t mean it’s a waste to watch experts do their thing. But you can’t be only a passive observer.

The Case for Having a Hobby
It’s far too easy to let a work mindset infiltrate all of your “free” time and to pressure yourself  to turn something you do for fun into something “productive.” Give yourself a break. It’s okay to have a pastime that is purely for pleasure, not a side hustle or undertaking intended to make you more productive overall (though hobbies DO have that benefit!).

Would You Wear This Muzzle Around The Office For Private Calling?
You owe it to yourself to click through and see the photo of this dubious invention. While we applaud the desire to tone down loud phone talkers in the office, we’re not sure anyone’s going to use this gizmo, which, frankly, looks suffocating.