May 19, 2017: Friday News Roundup

Happy Friday, roundup readers! We hope you enjoy this week’s batch of articles, which include advice from the world’s richest man and the story of two young prodigies who are also brothers.

No Such Thing as a Math Person
The research has been out there for a while, yet this common misconception persists that you’re either a math person or you’re not. And girls, in particular, often get lumped into the former category and suffer from so-called “math anxiety.” The answer, say various experts, is to change how we teach math.

Awkward Interactions with Coworkers You Barely Know are a Secret Key to Success
Workplaces can be very cliquey environments. You stick with your teammates or people you know from working on projects together. But, perhaps, you should be engaging in more “indifferent relationships” with those in your office you barely know. The author of a study says it could be key to your productivity and innovation because “asking acquaintances for input is likely to elicit a broader and more diverse set of perspectives.”

Why Poor Workplace Posture Can Lead to Pain (and What To Do About It)
Are you reading this on your phone? Or hunched over a laptop? I’ll bet you’re standing up straight by the end of this article. As one personal trainer quoted here says, “Bad posture wears down the body faster than it should.”

Bill Gates Tweeted Some Great Advice for New Grads
Yup, it’s graduation season—the time for commencement speeches full of worldly wisdom for those venturing out into “real life.” Not surprisingly, Mr. Gates has some advice to share as well and he tweeted it out to the masses this week, including what fields he thinks are most promising and what he wishes he knew when he left school.

Kid Genius Brothers, 11 and 14, Graduate High School and College This Weekend
Here’s your feel-good story for the week. Carson, 14, will receive his degree in physics, while younger brother Cannan, 11, finishes high school and prepares for his own college odyssey. Clearly, the brothers are exceptional students, but they sound like pretty great kids all around.