March 8, 2019: Friday News Roundup

Thanks for stopping by to read this week’s news. We’ve got work advice for you, whether you are weighing the benefits of self-employment, feeling a mid-career crisis, losing friends after a promotion, or staring down a desk full of clutter. And don’t miss your opportunity to get hired for a job doing whatever you want!

This Might Be the Biggest Benefit of Being Self-Employed
Working for yourself often means performing tasks that might otherwise be handled by a coworker and feeling like you can never really unplug. And yet, according to a new Intuit survey, “50% of self-employed workers said they have more time for themselves, while 55% said they have more family time.” They also reported having a greater sense of fulfillment and having lower levels of stress.

Marie Kondo at Work: Can Your Office ‘Spark Joy’?
Take a look at your desk. Is it piled with stuff? Well, a cluttered desk might be hurting your performance. The personal organizer interviewed here says “clearing out mental and physical clutter opens up enormous space and clarity” and offers tips for getting your workspace in order.

When a Promotion Means Losing Friends at Work
Advancing in your career can have an unexpected consequence: you’re no longer one of the gang, and your work buddies keep their distance. As the lines blur between our work and social lives, this phenomenon can throw new managers for a loop. Training could help them learn to set boundaries while maintaining relationships.

Facing Your Mid-Career Crisis
At some point, many of us wake up and realize we’re in a rut. Nothing is wrong per se; it’s just not as satisfying as it used to be. You might be able to tweak your current situation to get yourself reengaged or it might be time to shake things up on a grander scale. Read on for some thoughts that might help you figure out which path to take.

The Job That Will Let You Do Whatever You Want in a Swedish Train Station, Forever
Who hasn’t dreamed of getting paid to do whatever they want, even if that means sitting around watching movies all day? Well, that dream will come true for some lucky applicant. “Eternal Employment” is actually an art project, and the job is open to anyone, anywhere in the world, though you’ll have to relocate to Sweden.