March 30, 2018: Friday News Roundup

Whether you celebrate Easter, Passover, or opening day of the professional baseball season, this weekend has plenty in store for you. Get out and enjoy it!

How Your Phone Can Help You Set Better Habits
We were pretty negative about smartphones last week, when we shared the findings from our Udemy In Depth: 2018 Workplace Distraction Report. Here’s a counterpoint: the ways your device can instill good habits.

Tim Cook’s Advice To His Younger Self: ‘the Joy Is In The Journey’
In a world where people are searching to discover their purpose, Apple CEO Tim Cook suggests they tweak the question and ask, instead, how they can best serve humanity. Cook says he was “rudderless” in his early career and wishes he’d figured this out sooner. Finding joy in the journey, as he puts it, is the very definition of having a growth mindset.

10 Genius Tech Ideas National Geographic Thinks Could Change The World
These innovators certainly believe in their duty to serve humanity, as Tim Cook advises. National Geographic crowdsourced “ideas for tackling global health, hunger, and environmental sustainability” using technology and connectivity. Among the finalists: drones that find plastic landmines, an app that helps trash collectors get paid faster in order to reduce environmental pollution, augmented reality for recovering stroke patients, and artificial intelligence that identifies contaminants in water.

Building a Prosthetic Arm With Lego
And here’s another tech whiz putting his knowledge and creativity to good use. Always an avid maker and tinkerer, David Aguilar was born with a deformed arm. Now, at age 18, he’s designed and built his own prosthetic arm out of Lego bricks. Oh, and he calls himself Hand Solo.

The Baseball Season Begins. So You Think You Know Your Teammates?
Even if you’re not a sports fan, you’re probably on a team at work, and you know how critical it is that everyone gets along and collaborates effectively. As former MLB player Doug Glanville explains, team chemistry depends on much more than who plays which position. It’s about finding connections and sharing goals with people from different backgrounds. Play ball!