March 25, 2016: Friday news roundup

Welcome to the end of another week and the start of another weekend. It’s also the start of spring break for a lot of people, so if you’re headed off on holiday, have fun and stay safe! Perhaps you can use some of that vacation time to knock out a few Udemy courses?

Assessment: Are you in danger of becoming obsolete?
Online quizzes are always fun, but this one has a serious intent — to help you identify where you’re vulnerable and how you can avoid falling behind as automation creeps ever deeper into the workplace.  

How can the U.S. make life less draining for workers?
It turns out technology isn’t really making us more productive, we have more demands than ever on our limited time, and we’re putting in longer hours on the job. The pursuit of work-life balance can sometimes feel like an impossible dream. This article suggests ways to ease the stress, including paid family leave, affordable childcare, flexible schedules, and higher wages.

While Americans feud, Australia is stealing away immigrants with sought-after skills
Ambitious individuals from around the world come to the U.S. to study, and many of them would love nothing more than to work here too. Considering the well-documented skills gap U.S. employers face, you’d think we’d be falling over ourselves to grab these highly educated workers, but it’s extremely difficult for foreign grads to get visas. On the other side of the globe, Australia is opening its arms to this cohort and reaping the rewards.

What’s the last thing you learned — and when?
If you’re headed into a job interview, you should have a prepared response to that question. As more employers recognize the value of hiring people with a “learning mindset,” candidates will need demonstrate their own commitment to lifelong learning. Just log into Udemy and show them your My Courses page!

How a baker revolutionized her business by working from home
We close out the roundup with this piece written by Udemy instructor Chris Haroun that profiles two of his fellow Udemy instructors, Teresa Greenway and Rob Percival. Teresa and Rob followed very different paths to get to Udemy, and they’re teaching very different subjects, but they’re both enjoying the rewards of sharing what they know with the world.