March 24, 2017: Friday news roundup

Welcome to the weekend, loyal roundup readers. Kick back and dig into some reading material on how generations are mixing at work, why bosses are tracking employees, and what age people are when they get really good at different things.

When the Boss Is Half Your Age
In today’s workplace, millennials dominate. There are simply more of them. It’s good news that age no longer is a proxy for authority at work; smart and talented people reach management readiness at different stages of their careers. Yes, there may be awkwardness when a 60-something reports to a 30-something, but we’re going to need to learn to coexist somehow.

Most People are Secretly Threatened by Creativity
As this author points out, most of us would say we prize creativity highly. But when push comes to shove, out-of-the-box thinking actually scares us a bit and sends us scurrying back to what’s familiar and understood. The first step to solving this problem is admitting it exists.

The Not-So-Creepy Reason More Bosses Are Tracking Employees
Would you let your employer track your emails and chat messages if it meant having fewer meetings? Companies are investigating “how information travels among employees” by having them wear sensors as they go about their business. The idea is to draw insights from collected data to shape office design and make meetings more efficient.

Why You Should Take on Projects Even If You’re Not Ready
This is all about answering the door when opportunity knocks, and the author is specifically addressing women with her advice. Women do tend to underestimate their abilities more than men and shy away from opportunities if they don’t feel 100% qualified, but they should feel more confident raising their hands. You can lean on your support network of colleagues, and hey, you can always take a Udemy course to fill in the gaps too!

Here are the Ages You Peak at Everything Throughout Life
We can’t vouch for the science behind this, but it’s fun to see where you fall on the timeline. Perhaps you’re hitting your stride to run a marathon or win the Nobel Prize or maybe you finally find yourself able to understand people’s emotions.