March 15, 2019: Friday News Roundup

Our thoughts are with the people of New Zealand following the tragedy in Christchurch. We stand against hate and are incredibly sad that more innocent lives have been lost to ignorance. With that, we bring you a very somber news roundup.

New Quantum Physics Experiment Suggests That Reality Isn’t Objective
We’re having trouble wrapping our brains around this one. New research suggests “under the right conditions, two people can observe the same event, see two different things happen, and both be correct.” In this case, the two people were looking at a single photon. Maybe time for a Udemy course on quantum physics?

3 Obstacles Your CS Degree Won’t Prepare You For
You may write the most elegant code around, but do you know how to deal with an angry user or work successfully with other engineers? This post supports Udemy’s view that tech skills must be complemented by soft skills and suggests a few fictional courses colleges should teach, such as “Humans 302: Why They’re The Worst Sometimes.” We know there’s a Udemy instructor out there for this one!

Frustrated at Work? That Might Just Lead to Your Next Breakthrough
Columnist Adam Grant explains that, “When we’re dissatisfied, instead of fight or flight, sometimes we invent.” That’s why Pixar director Brad Bird enlisted a team of disgruntled misfits to work on “The Incredibles,” which turned out to be a huge hit. It’s because we like challenging goals. Is there a grumbler in your organization who could bring magic to your next project?

The World Wide Web Turns 30. Where Does It Go From Here?
Happy birthday, WWW! Udemy wouldn’t exist without you. So, what does internet pioneer Sir Tim Berners-Lee think about his invention celebrating its third decade? In this article, he cites “three sources of dysfunction affecting today’s web.”