March 10, 2017: Friday news roundup

Time for this week’s collection of news and ideas handpicked for your consideration.

From the elders to the kids: What I wish I’d known
Millennials have a way to go before retirement, but they can learn a lot from those who are already there. Journalism students were paired with retirees to find out what they wish they’d known in their younger years. It’s never too soon to start planning!

Our obsession with personal branding reveals a dark truth about the future of work
This article, as the headline suggests, takes a contrarian view on the value of developing a personal brand. According to one professor of anthropology, this is simply masking the lack of loyalty employers have for their workers by giving people a false sense of control over their destiny. Still not a bad idea to think about how to present your strengths in a unique way.

Find purpose in even your most mundane tasks at work
Not surprisingly, lots of people aspire to work for a mission-driven company where their contributions are tied to a noble purpose. But when it comes to the daily grind, most of us don’t actually feel connected to any real sense of purpose. The good news is that it’s not very hard to find your “personal why” to stay motivated and productive, but…

Want a productive work day? Watch what you eat.
… you can’t be productive if you feel lousy. And you can’t feel your best and most energized if your diet is poor. We don’t typically offer nutrition advice in the roundup, but why not? What we put in our bodies affects how our brains perform, and more companies are waking up to the implications of having unhealthy workforce. We’re seeing lots of Udemy for Business customers enrolling in health and wellness courses too.

An 81-year-old woman just created her own iPhone app
Feeling like it’s too late in life for you to learn the newest technologies? Enough with your excuses! Retired banker Masako Wakamiya didn’t think there were enough fun apps for people her age, so she created her own. She’s also gotten active teaching others about technology, even writing her own textbooks. We loved this quote: “You don’t have to be a professional. If you have creativity, if you have a playful mind, you can create teaching materials.”