June 9, 2017: Friday News Roundup

Topping off the news this week is the release of Udemy’s new research report, “Workplace Confidential: The Real Story Behind Stress, Skills, and Success in America.” Among other findings, our survey revealed that employees are feeling more stressed than they were a year ago and one of the top stressors is fear of automation taking jobs. They’re also struggling to keep up with the changing skills required to perform their jobs. Today’s roundup includes media coverage of the report’s conclusions as well as a look at what people regret about their college choices, how to motivate your coworkers, and more!

Workplace Stress Is at a Record High. Here’s What’s Causing It.
This article about our “Workplace Confidential” report gets right to the heart of the matter. Employees are worried about getting replaced by robots at work, and they’re worried about the political climate outside of work. And how are they trying to manage their stress? Millennials, especially, are seeking out training to keep their skillsets relevant.

Do You Regret Your College Choices?
If your answer is yes, you’re not alone. As the writer here points out, considering how much time and money people invest in higher education, it’s a bit alarming that half of those surveyed who pursued a postsecondary education would change their degree type, institution or major. The most common regret was chosen field of study.

The Downside to Career and Technical Education
Vocational education—teaching job skills to high school students—turns out to have its drawbacks. Specifically, while it helps grads find jobs soon after they finish school, these same students have a harder time adapting their skills as time goes on.

The Right and Wrong Ways to Motivate Your Colleagues
Finding the right approach to drive team productivity follows no simple formula. You need to figure out what inspires people and where that intersects with your business objectives. This article presents a few do’s and don’ts for effectively rallying the troops.

How to Perfect the Art of a Work Uniform
There’s been plenty written about Steve Jobs and his famous black turtlenecks or Mark Zuckerberg’s ubiquitous hoodies. The idea of having a “work uniform”—a basic template for wearing the same thing every day—has lots of appeal for those who value simplicity. But you still need to be thoughtful when establishing your personal style and consider the impression your wardrobe choice makes.