June 8, 2018: Friday News Roundup

You’ve reached Friday! Check out the roundup, then ease into your weekend.

Ted Dabney, a Founder of Atari and a Creator of Pong, Dies at 81
We note the passing of the man who created one of the first video games, Pong, “a simple yet beguiling game in which short vertical lines bat a ricocheting dot back and forth to the sound of beep tones. At its peak, Pong was being played on 35,000 consoles in bars and game rooms across the United States.” 

What Do Employees Need in a Digital Workplace?
Workplace transformation requires the introduction of new technologies and services—but also new skill sets. Which would you say are the most critical? This article suggests some answers and explains that millennials, who are digital natives, are leading the charge.

Microsoft Just Put a Data Center on the Bottom of the Ocean
The software giant’s first “self-sufficient, waterproof data center” now lives on the ocean floor near the Orkney Islands in Scotland, and it “holds 12 racks loaded with 864 servers and is attached to a large triangular weight that anchors it to the seabed over 100 feet beneath the ocean surface.” Read on to find out the benefits of putting a data center at the bottom of the sea.

People Who Wear Glasses More Likely To Be Intelligent, Study Finds
According to researchers at the University of Edinburgh, the popular stereotype of bespectacled brainiacs may have some basis in fact. The results of their study suggests “a positive correlation between poor eyesight and higher levels of intelligence.” Greater cognitive function was also associated with some health benefits, too.

Queen Elizabeth Is Hiring A Pastry Chef — But You’ll Need A Totally Unrelated Skill If You Want The Job
This sure is a sign of the times! Buckingham Palace is looking for some help in the kitchen, but hopeful applicants will need more than superior cake-decorating skills. The official job listing also specifies a need for “good IT skills.”  Fortunately, Udemy offers courses on everything from pastrymaking to Amazon Web Services.