June 3, 2016: Friday News Roundup

This week’s roundup is a little special because the most exciting news is about Udemy. We announced new funding on Wednesday, and it got some awesome media coverage, but what’s really exciting is what Naspers, our new investor/partner, will help us achieve in terms of expanding the online learning movement. Read on for the details of that and some other interesting stories from the week that was.

Fewer americans strike out for new jobs, crimping the recovery
This headline seems like a head-scratcher on first read; aren’t people changing jobs more often than ever? That may be so, but what they aren’t doing is relocating for new jobs, nor are they advancing from entry-level and temp jobs. What’s also alarming is that this trend is being seen across every age group, educational level, and industry. Social media even plays a part, eroding real-life social connections that could help people secure better employment.

Susan Cain, the world’s leading introvert expert, on how to thrive in an open-office world
Udemy has an open-office plan, and it sure can get lively! Not everyone finds it energizing to sit in the midst of constant human activity, however, so here’s Susan Cain to the rescue. She suggests finding quiet nooks for alone time, even for brief periods, and taking advantage of tools like chat apps to make communication less stressful. She’s also got helpful advice for how introverts can hold their own in meetings and interviews.

Two-thirds of college grads struggle to launch their careers
Another article by Jeff Selingo, author of There Is Life After College: What Parents and Students Should Know About Navigating School to Prepare for the Jobs of Tomorrow, examining why today’s new grads have such a hard time identifying a career path and purusing it. Employers no longer view a college degree alone as an adequate signal of job readiness.

Naspers just invested $60 Million In this online education startup (Fortune)
Here’s the big news! Our CEO Dennis Yang wrote a blog post that nicely sums up what this investment means for Udemy and, more importantly, for people around the world seeking access to learning resources so they can achieve their goals and build the lives they imagine. We’re thrilled to welcome Naspers to our team and look forward to working together to continue our international growth. Read how Naspers Ventures CEO Larry Illg, who’s joining Udemy’s board, shared the news. And here’s how some other media outlets covered it:
Edtech startup Udemy raises $60 million from Naspers for international expansion (TechCrunch)
Udemy raises $60M from Naspers to grow its online education platform globally (VentureBeat)
S.F. education startup get $60M from South African media giant (SF Business Times)
Naspers invests $60 million in online-learning company Udemy to expand global reach (Reuters/NY Times)